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Friday, June 16, 2006

After a busy week I am back here.

TDAmeritrade Update:
TD Ameritrade offer is still available. If you have 10k cask and you want to make a quick safe return of around 9% in this volatile stock market, this is the best thing to do. And as always if you need referral please contact me or post a comment here. I can split the referral with you :-)

Wengo Free 2 mins Call:
I am still using the free 2 mins call from wengo. Had few problems with their software, but their beta version is working fine so far.
Again there is another offer with wengo which gives you free unlimited calls to India(in addition to other countries) if you signup before June 30th or whenever they meet their goal.
if you spend 10 Euros to signup you can get free unlimited calls for 2 months. we may sigup for this at the end of this month, that way you can maximize the free calls :-)


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